Mystery and Intrigue in the Nursery

NB, the toddler formerly known as the Hobbit will henceforward be known as Raisin. She’s not really very hobbit-like anymore. She’s not much like a sun-dried grape, either, but she’s my mini-me, so it’s the closest I could get.

So last night I snuck into Raisin’s room to check on her and cover her up. The covering up is an exercise in futility, but I am seriously physically unable to leave the room without straightening the covers over her. I know she will kick them off 30 seconds later, but I just can’t help myself. Anyway. Totally not the point of the story.

Last night when I went in, not only was she uncovered, but she was diaperless! (The last couple of nights we’ve put her to bed in just a t-shirt and a diaper, because it’s been warm in the evenings. Then, later at night we (try to) cover her up as it gets colder.) After I called DH in to witness this new phenomenon, we had the following sotto voce conversation:

Me: You’ve got to come see this!
DH: What?
Me (patting her bare behind): She’s not wearing a diaper!
DH: She’s not? Did you forget to put one on!?
Me: No, I didn’t forget!
DH: Well, where is it?
(both of us search around the crib in the dark, trying not to wake up Raisin)
DH: Are you SURE you put one on her?

At this point, I started to wonder if I was, in fact, crazy enough to have read her a story, said goodnight to her entire room a la Goodnight Moon, and put her in her crib without noticing that she was half unclad. Just then, she shifted in her sleep and the missing diaper was revealed under her head (I know, ew — fortunately she must’ve shed it early on, because it wasn’t wet).

I managed to re-diaper without waking her, but she had squirmed out of it again by this morning. Tonight she’s wearing PJ pants no matter what. Good thing the weather’s getting cooler; I don’t have that many spare crib sheets!


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I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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2 Responses to Mystery and Intrigue in the Nursery

  1. Jane says:

    That’s so funny! I never (well, rarely) put the Bear to bed without something that snaps up beneath. I’ve heard one too many “I came in to find my toddler smeared in feces with poop breath” stories. I don’t even want to know what could happen.

    Although, speaking of strange happenings, yesterday I was sitting and making a grocery list while the Bear played on the floor. She crawled away and I couldn’t hear her, so I went to check on her. And I found her – at the top of the stairs! I just about had a heart attack! Who knew she would do that?!

  2. Julie says:

    So she crawled up the stairs all by herself!? Yikes.

    Toddlers learn new things so much faster than we parents are ready for. The Raisin has a little plastic slide, and she recently learned how to climb up the 3-rung ladder, sit down, and slide all by herself. That became boring within two days time, and now she wants to go head-first. Too bad she has no concern for what might be at the end of the slide when she gets that urge. My poor heart.

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