Dress Code Gratitude

We got the following e-mail this morning at work:

As a special thank you to everyone for their hard work in 2005, everyone in the Service Center is welcome to wear jeans throughout the rest of this year (back to normal on January 3, however).
Jeans will not be allowed if we have onsites that are announced, so keep your eye out for those emails from Dana.
Happy Holidays from Linda and your Senior Management team.

Stuff like this makes me feel like a serf who is expected to feel gratitude for the largesse — or noblesse oblige — from the lord (or lady) of the manor. I would rather wear jeans, but to make it sound like it’s some great gift is lame. Would we not be allowed to wear jeans to work for two weeks if management felt like we didn’t work very hard?

Just call it like it is — “Hey, it’s the last two weeks of the year, we’re going to relax the dress code a bit.”

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