Long Distance Families

My parents live in California, while my MIL and FIL live about twenty minutes from us. So we don’t get to get together with them as often as we do with my in-laws. My folks are pretty cool about it, but I’m sure they wish they were closer. Especially at the holidays.

I looked at my refrigerator the other day — our de facto art gallery — at all of the pictures we’ve gotten in Christmas cards. On the fridge is a family picture of each of my mother’s brothers and their wives and their children and their grand-children.

I realized that I don’t have a family picture of my parents with Raisin, DW and me. We’ve got all sorts of combinations, but not a single one of all five of us occupying the same 4×6 space together that was taken any time in 2005. In fact, the only such photo that exists was taken on the day of Raisin’s baptism and isn’t even that good of a picture and is now over a year and half old.

So I set out on a mission to do the next best thing. I went through what pictures we did have and photo-shopped them together to make a 4×6 collage. Each of the pictures is Raisin with someone else: me, my dad, my mom, DW. It turned out great.

I e-mailed it to my mom last night so she could finally have a family picture of her own.


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One Response to Long Distance Families

  1. Mom says:

    Thank-you. We can never have too many pictures of the ones we love across the miles

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