Progress Report

A little bit more about me would be in order…

I’m working on an MBA from one of the many universities that offer such a program in the Twin Cities. I’ve been at this since 9/18/2001 (a date which I will always remember because my first grad school night class was supposed to have been a week earlier. It goes without saying that we did not have class that night as originally planned.

Now to the point of the story…

I got my grade for the class I took this semester.


Not bad considering the amount of effort I put forth for this particular class. In retrospect, this class had a format that just didn’t agree with me. Instead of the usual three-hour class once-a-week format that all my previous classes have been, this was a 6-1/2 hour class every-other-week. With two weeks between classes (4 at Thanksgiving) it was damn near impossible to stay engaged with the material and think about it in the intervening 14 days.

So a B isn’t that bad, all things considered, although still slightly disappointing.

What a difference, though, some perspective and experience makes. As an undergrad, I would have been reasonably pleased with a B, but no dwelling at all that it could have been better. I was virtually indifferent to specific grades as long as I passed the class (Fs were bad, that much I realized, even though I got a couple of those along the way as well).

My worst grade here has been a B-. Although, I do suspect that some sub-conscious grade inflating is at work here in addition to the newfound desire for academic achievement.

Up until now, I’ve been taking one class in the fall and one in the spring. 2 classes per year; year-in, year-out.

Somewhere near the end of this semester, someone finally switched on the light at the end of the tunnel and I realized that I have only six more classes to go. At the current rate, that’s an additional three years of plugging away while DW picks up the slack and Raisin grows up before my eyes.

If I pick up the pace — just a little, don’t want to strain myself — and take a class in the summers, I can shave off one whole year and be done at the end of 2007 instead of the end of 2008. It will mean picking up part of the tab myself (The Man’s generosity only goes as far as the IRS is willing to let him take a deduction for their contribution to my higher education). But that’s OK, if the trade-off is to finish a year earlier than planned.

So next up is “Economics of Organization and Management” in the spring followed by “Corporate Finance” next summer.

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