Check splitting

I went out for lunch today with some co-workers. With the check came the inevitable discussion of how to split the check.

One of the co-workers suggested that since we each had substantially similar meals and drinks, we should simply divide the bill five ways. This is definitely my preferred method for bill-splitting, although I’ve found few people that are willing to go along with that suggestion.

Usually, I end up breaking bread with people in one of two categories:

(A) Those who pick up the whole check at all costs. My MIL/FIL are the worst offenders in this category. Rarely have DW and I picked up the check without having to argue about it — even more rare is when we actually win that argument.

My parents on the other hand are not above letting DW and I pick up the check; although in the end, they probably pick up more tabs than we do.

(B) Those that parse the bill down to the penny. I get annoyed by this because of the time that it takes that could have been put to better use.

So refreshing to dine with people that just simply agreed to split the bill.

The funny part of this story… each of us had our receipt for our lunch: $12.35 and we each independently calculated our tip. We then proceeded to pile all the receipts together. One of the other co-workers realized that she had given a $2.00 tip, but everyone else had concluded to give a $2.50 tip.

This co-worker felt bad… didn’t want to feel like a cheapskate, I guess, so she took her receipt back and substituted it with the other copy of the receipt and a $2.50 tip.

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