Grandpas’ Little Girl

I was talking to someone in church on Sunday and the topic of having me wrapped around Raisin’s finger came up. It’s not as bad as I suppose it could be; I can ward off her charms when I need to.

As the conversation got going, Grape (DW) and I brought out our conclusion that the ones that Raisin has wrapped around her finger are her grandfathers. My dad has always been a good dad (although I wish I had realized that earlier than I did), but he’s never struck me as the doting type.

Until Raisin came along. He’s absolutely enamored with her in a way that I’ve never seem him be with anyone or anything.

The other day, Raisin pointed at the phone and said “Call Papa!”

So Grape dutifully picked up the phone while I recited my dad’s work phone number.


“Hi Raisin…”

It was as lengthy a conversation as you can have with a toddler who’s just now starting to put together a couple random two-word sentences.

We had him on speaker phone [(1) To keep Raisin away from pressing the noise-making buttons and (2) so that Grape and I could hear both sides of the conversation without having to wrestle the phone away from Raisin.] and I thought he seemed somewhat annoyed by the interruption. Maybe it was just that he was distracted, it was getting close to the end of the day for him after all.

The conversation ended and we went about our business.

The next morning, when I was talking to my mom, she said, “So, I hear that Grandpa got a call from his Princess yesterday…”

“Uh-oh,” I thought since she seemed to be using the jealous voice she gets sometimes.


“He was SO excited! He called me the minute he hung up. It was great, he was really glad you called.”

I was relieved, since the annoyance factor I thought I sensed must have been a figment of my imagination (just like the jealous tone, I thought my mom had).

My dad surprises me all the time. Especially where Raisin is concerned. My dad, who could give Mr. Spock a run for his money as the emotionless logician absolutely adores his grand-daughter and simply cannot get enough of her.

Raisin’s current order of preference:
1 – Grape
2 – Elmo
3 – Grape’s dad
4 – My dad
5 – Raisin’s grandmothers
6 – Grape’s brother
7 – Me
8 – Everyone else

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2 Responses to Grandpas’ Little Girl

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought I sensed must have been a figment of my imagination (just like the jealous tone, I thought my mom had).

    I would concur that the tone that you attributed to your mother was definitely a figment of your imagination 🙂

    You are right though, your Dad adores her, he is besotted.

    When I was pregnant with you, we had a little neighbor girl, Deanna. She had just turned four. She would watch for your Dad to come home from work and then come and “play” with him. They were best buddies.

    I love the various pictures that I have of Raisin and her “papa.” That warm my heart across the miles.

    Love, Mom

  2. Beth Fish says:

    My husband’s father says being a grandparent is one of the few things in life that isn’t overrated.

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