As today is Friday and even though I haven’t really thought about what to do this weekend, I’ve already given Monday some great thought.

Grape will most likely work on Monday — unlike me who has been told to spend one of my precious PTO days on Monday. Day care is open and Raisin will most likely go there for the day if Grape actually goes to work.

That leaves me the day to myself. With nothing pressing to do. I don’t get many of those — most of the days to myself are caused by an illness and result in me staying in bed all day.

So with a healthy day to myself, I’m trying to decide what to do:

  1. Skiing Grape doesn’t like downhill skiing and I haven’t done it in a couple years (once in the past four)
  2. Work on remodeling home-office
  3. Watching whatever TiVo has recorded in the past week that I haven’t already watched
  4. Something I haven’t thought of yet

Thoughts? Suggestions?

P.S. I’ve started to follow the Weight Watchers POINTS program since the doctor suggested I lose a lot of weight, lower my cholesterol and start working out, so options 1 and 2 have a certain preference over 3 (and 4, I suppose, if 4 turns into some sedentary ‘activity’ also)

edited to add P.P.S.

P.P.S. — Going back to the Weight Watchers thing, I’ve managed to come up with a pithy goal statement for this weight loss attempt.

“30 by 30”

Is that lame or what?!? My 30th birthday is coming up this year, so my goal is to lose 30 pounds by early-October. Seems doable.

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