And the Winners Are….

Jane, for the twin names of Apple and Orange! (I also loved the idea of Lemon and Lime, but I knew I’d keep forgetting which one was supposed to be which. But thanks to Karen and Jane for that idea!)

And K., because I’m stealing her suggestion of “Jelly” as a name for one of the twins, and turning it into “Jellyman” for DH (you know, like Finding Nemo with the sea turtles — it’s a lot funnier if you say it with the surfer-dude voice).

Jane and K., if you’re willing to give me an email address, you will be receiving an Amazon gift certificate as your reward. Please email me at “grapemn AT comcast DOT net” to claim your prize!

Thanks to everyone who sent in ideas. This was fun for me. And really, that’s the most important thing, right? Of course right.


About Grape

I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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2 Responses to And the Winners Are….

  1. Jane says:

    Yay, me! (And K. and babies, too!)

  2. K. says:

    Yippee! I love winning stuff. 😉

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