I’m The Big Sister

Hi, and welcome to the new blog.  If you followed us here from GrapeMN, the very long and very long-awaited Raisin Birth Story is posted below.

Also, a quick note about Flickr — those photos over there on the right are all the Jellyman’s work (because I kind of suck and he does not).  But because I’m freaky about having my kids’ pictures on the Internet, the ones of Raisin (and eventually of Apple and Orange) are all marked private.  If you’d like to see them, and have commented on GrapeMN before so I feel like I know you, I am happy to make you one of our Flickr friends.  Just send me an email with your Yahoo/Flickr ID (grapemn AT comcast DOT net).

And now, my other neglected Project for Posterity:

Dear Raisin,

Very soon, you won’t be The Baby anymore.  Very, very soon if your mother has anything to say about it.  Apple and Orange are going to change our lives, but I promise it will not change the way your daddy and I feel about you.  We will all be different when this is all over, but in a good way, OK?

There are so many things about you right now that I hope DO NOT change.  You are (mostly) absolutely delightful these days.  You are fascinated by buses, and you exclaim excitedly every time one passes our house.  We took a bus to the State Fair last week, and now every bus you see is, “my city bus!?”

You are working hard to figure out your place in the world.  Specifically, are you big or are you little?  I understand your confusion on this score, as the world must seem so big to you most of the time.  Yet, everyone keeps telling you that you are going to be the “big sister.”  You seem to have settled on being a “big girl/little girl.”  I guess that just about sums it up.

Another source of confusion came up during our recent vacation.  You know that you are supposed to call relatives by their title and name (Grandma G, Uncle D, etc.).  But you also noticed that the titles are not always the same (Mommy calls Grandma G “Mom,” for example).  Although you eventually got just about everybody straight, you are still calling me “Mommy Grape” and Daddy “Daddy Jellyman.”  We’ve decided to let it go; it’s better than when you were just using our names!

A couple of months ago, you decided that there are babies in your tummy, too.  You often remark that they are kicking you.  You also frequently tell me that your back hurts, which has made me much more aware of how often I use that particular complaint!  We have talked about the babies in Mommy’s tummy and how they are going to come live in our house soon.  I don’t know how real it is to you, but I hope our talks will help lessen the shock once it happens.

Most kids your age sleep with a favorite blanket or stuffed animal.  You cannot sleep without your “monster scarer” (a harmonica) and your “water ice” (ice water to the uninitiated).  They don’t make for the most cuddly of bedmates, but it seems to work for you.

You have a hundred endearing little phrases lately.  I think one of my favorites is your entreaty to “hold my little hand!” while you’re falling asleep.  You also often ask, when you’re tired, for me to “do my sailchen” (your pronunciation of a German nursery rhyme I learned from your great-great Grandma).

As I said, honey, you are delightful.  There are the inevitable power struggles that come with just being two, but I think we are getting through those all right.  Your daddy and I love you so much, and I know you’re going to be a wonderful big sister.  Just remember, also, that you are always Mommy’s baby, even if you aren’t The Baby anymore.  And when I make you read this when you’re 13, you are NOT allowed to groan at that statement.  At least not out loud.


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I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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