Tensions, Tempers and Tantrums

Tensions are up,tempers are short and tantrums abound.

Welcome to week 36 of this exercise in reproductive wonder. With Apple and Orange due any day now, last minute preparations are underway with trips to Target for such things as batteries for all the mobiles and bouncy seats and music making things that haven’t had their batteries checked since Raisin grew out of them.

We also have lots of rain to keep everyone cooped up in the house. Grape is uncomfortable and isn’t sleeping well therefore cranky. I’m tense because being around tense and/or cranky people puts me on edge. Raisin is acting out and it seems like all we’ve done today is tell her to do this or don’t do that. She’s a good girl, but I think she’s starting to realize that she’s going to have to share the limelight pretty soon. She was “helping” us in the nursery this weekend and I’m sure she lost track of the number of times (if she could count beyond 10) that one of us told her not to play with or touch something because “it’s the babies’.”

(Although, so far she hasn’t been quite as helpful as our pastor’s son who helped her by dropping a can of something large on her foot and fracturing it.)

Grape and I — especially today — have both found ourselves biting our tongues in mid-sentence because we were about to snap at the other when it would have been uncalled for.

The remodeled office in the basement is still lacking a door. We own a door specifically for the space; but currently it is doing little more than propping up the wall! Yesterday, Grape’s dad was over and I asked him to take a look at it. We messed with it for a while and couldn’t get it square. The door is rubbing against the jamb on the lockside. I made a suggestion based on something I had read on a DIY website. My FIL didn’t know what the problem was, but he was sure it wasn’t that. We gave up shortly after. I have a carpenter friend whom I will call and ask him to do it (I’m willing to pay him, but I have a feeling the “twins trump card” will prevail and he’ll not accept anything for the favor).

We’re ready for Apple and Orange to get here. We know that every day they wait, the healthier they’ll be; but every passing day just makes everyone more tense. My mother just mentioned to me too, that when she was pregnant, she went to the doctor just before Labor Day. The doctor told her she was due “any day”. I was born a month later. Let’s hope our doctor has a better reckoning for calculating due dates.

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One Response to Tensions, Tempers and Tantrums

  1. Jackie says:

    Your mother wouldn’t wish a month long wait on any one either.

    There are only so many cupboards and bookcases that you can organize in the middle of the night.

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