Flying with Kids

Flying with young kids just may get a whole lot easier.  Check out The Wall Street Journal‘s blog item about this device to keep kids buckled up while flying without having to lug a whole carseat (or three) through a bustling airport onto a cramped plane.

It amazes me, though, that flying without carseats or some sort of supplemental restraint has been allowed this long.

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One Response to Flying with Kids

  1. We took our two year old twins on a plane for the first time recently. On the way there we used the carseats, and on the way back I just buckled them in.

    I can see where this new device would be helpful if you hit another airplane on the runway, or if the pilot missed and hit the building, but lets be honest for a second. If your plane falls out of the sky a carseat or five point harness won’t really be that helpful anyway.

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