Birth Story

{Apropos of nothing, I am wearing non-maternity jeans today. JEANS, people. Please believe that this is not bragging — there’s still plenty of weight I need to lose. I’m just so freaking glad to have something else to wear besides the two pairs of adjustable maternity pants that I’ve been wearing for the last 5 months….}

Moving on.

After the Day of Disappointment, I continued to have contractions, but they still never got closer together or stronger. Then on Saturday night, weary from the firefighter encounter, the Fruit Salad went out to eat at a diner near our house.  Over a grilled cheese sandwich, I started timing contractions on the kitschy 7-Up clock hanging over the servers’ station.  7 minutes.  5 minutes.  8 minutes.

Raisin went to bed and the contractions kept coming.  Oh, please, PLEASE, let this be it.  I called the on-call OB (Dr. Frownyface, bummer!), my parents came to watch Raisin, and we were off to the hospital.

Everything was different from when Raisin was born.  The labor and delivery floor had been remodeled.  They made us go into a triage room (with Raisin, I was admitted right away).  They checked my cervix, and I hadn’t dialated any further than 3-4 cm (the same I’d measured at the clinic three days before.  And still, even though the contractions were much closer together, they were irregular and not that painful.

We eventually were admitted, but — nothing happened.  Every time the nurse stopped in to examine me, the verdict was the same.  I rocked, I walked, I swayed — nothing.  The OB, whom we never saw, ordered some meds so I could sleep (well, “sleep,” more accurately).

Sunday morning was more of the same, but with a bigger cast of characters.  Dr. Amish made an appearance, along with an OB resident, a med student, and an assortment of nurses.  (Apparently, the prospect of a vaginal twin delivery was quite an opportunity for the student.  I’m so glad I could be of service.)  Cervix check: 3-4 cm.  (Grape: How is that POSSIBLE!?)

So, they broke my water.  Nothing.  (Grape: Seriously, how can that be?)  I was told that twin labors sometimes get stalled this way, and they recommended Pitocin.

The resident also recommended an epidural, which I was extremely reluctant to do.  I eventually let myself be talked into it because of the prospect of a C-section.  I think it was the right decision, but I did NOT like the way the epidural felt.

Still, I have to admit that once the Pit and the epidural were in place, I finally started to make progress.  Before I knew it, the resident was pronouncing me complete and we were on our way to the OR (all multiple deliveries are done in an OR just in case a C-section becomes necessary).  Poor Dr. Amish was with another patient who was also ready to deliver; they yanked her out of that room to attend our birth.  To that other woman — I am very sorry.  I hope the midwife took good care of you.

The OR was overwhelming.  Dr. Amish, the resident, and the med student were on hand for me, plus a similar team for each baby, plus nurses, the anesthesiologist, and Jellyman.  Teaching hospitals are awesome, but boy howdy are they crowded!

Orange was born after what seemed like very few pushes (but I could hardly tell when I was pushing, so what do I know).  They let me see her briefly, then took her aside.  Apple was already on his way.  He was face-up, and Dr. Amish asked the anesthesiologist to give me oxygen.  I’m not sure why — I was feeling fine, so it must have been preventative — does anyone know if there’s something about that presentation that would make oxygen necessary for the mother?

Anyway, Apple also was born without incident.  They let the med student deliver the placentas, and they took the babies to the nursery.  I didn’t see them again until several hours later — it took a long time for the epidural to wear off (HATE).

So, there you have it.  It kind of felt anti-climatic in a way (a very, very good way).  After the pregnancy I had, I thought the delivery and recovery would be miserable.  Instead, 6 weeks later, I’m feeling great, the babies are doing awesome, and pregnancy is but a distant memory.

I’m going to hit publish now without editing this at all.  I’m sorry it’s so rough, but Raisin NEEDS the computer to play Elmo games.  What’s a mother to do?


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I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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4 Responses to Birth Story

  1. Kate says:

    When I went into the OR to deliver my twins (vaginally) there were five or six student nurses in there because, like you said, it was so exciting for them to see a twin vaginal birth! But that day wasn’t their lucky day as I firmly asked them to get the hell out. Hey, I was in pain… 😀

  2. K. says:

    Sounds like everything went smashingly well. That’s great!

  3. There were about a bazillion people in the room when Ian and Claudia were born too. It was nuts!

  4. Jody says:

    Sounds like everything everything went very well, indeed. But it sucks that you didn’t get to see the babies sooner.

    Glad you’ve had such a great recovery. Jeans! Unbelievable!

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