Further Proof That It Is Really Hard To Be Me*

I can’t find a restaurant to go to for my birthday.  My criteria are: kid-friendly, takes reservations, not the same place we always go.  Apparently, Minnesota has no restaurants in this category.  None.

I listen to podcasts at work to help pass the time.  Both NPR and the BBC have recently published several broadcasts about sleep studies.  Apparently, insufficient sleep makes one stupid and fat.  Fellow parents, that information is both useful and comforting, is it not?

It is going to snow on my birthday.  [Insert weeping and nashing of teeth.]  Am tired of winter, please to make it stop.

Raisin seems to have inherited my freakish fish allergy.  She’s never had a problem before, but today’s fish sticks caused her to spend the last 2 hours groaning and saying she needed to throw up.  That’s lovely.

*Yup.  Life in suburban, white, middle-class America is just tough.  At least, compared to suburban, white, UPPER-middle-class America.


About Grape

I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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2 Responses to Further Proof That It Is Really Hard To Be Me*

  1. Kim says:

    Perhaps I am crazy and remembering something that you never actually said, but I seem to recall that you might live in a town that might be near a Pizza Luce. I know, pizza place, not so exciting, but it actually is. I miss it terribly. The atmosphere is great and there were always families there when I went (I frequented the one in Uptown), but I don’t remember if they take reservations. Where else can you get Garlic Mashed Potato Pizza? (so delicious!!! but definitely not for everyone) All of my other favorite restaurants from back when I lived in a place with good restaurants were various ethnic restaurants which maybe aren’t as kid-friendly (does that depend on the parents or do all American kids just dislike spicy “different” foods?)…

    As for the snow, I am wondering for the ten millionth time this year why ANYONE lives in this ridiculous state. I demand spring right now. It’s your birthday, you deserve good weather! Happy Birthday and good luck with the restaurant hunt!

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