1.  What is with all the celebrities having twins these days?  I just read that Rebecca Romijn is next on the list.  I’m afraid I’m going to pick up an issue of People and read that “Multiples are the New Singles.”

2.  Something I wrote in my last post has been bothering me.  While Raisin is very much like me emotionally (sometimes too sensitive, often prefers imaginary worlds to the real one), I realized after I wrote that post that there is a lot more of the Jellyman in her than I sometimes realize.  She is adventurous like her daddy; they measure her against every amusement park ride you-must-be-at-least-this-tall sign, and he can’t wait for the day when she can ride the real coasters with him.  She has his gift of negotiation, too.  I swear, never before in my life have I met two people who can so easily talk me into things I was dead-set against.

3.  Although I will admit to repeated attempts to decide who-got-what-from-whom with Apple and Orange, I have not yet succeeded.  What I have noticed is a definite gender difference, which suprises me.  I don’t think I pushed Apple to play with trucks or Orange to play with dolls, but there it is.  Our own little nature-vs-nurture laboratory.

4.  Does anybody know how Tivo works for something like the Olympics?  I am sure there is ample information out in the interwebosphere about this, but I am lazy and not very technologically inclined.  If I want to watch gymnastics and swimming but abhor weightlifting, what do I need to tell my Tivo to do?  Do I need to know the schedule and record by time?


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2 Responses to Mish-Mash

  1. Grandma says:

    Has she begun to negotiate her time-outs? Her Daddy could negotiate an hour’s time-out down to time served.

  2. Amy F says:

    From what I remember of the 2006 Olympics, an evening of programming would come in a 4 hour chunk and say in the listing: Day 4 events: weightlifting, swimming, and javelin. So you can’t really filter it specifically. Don’t they bounce around, 45 minutes on one sport, an hour at a different one, then another hour back at the original event? I suspect they don’t know day to day how much time certain events will take and leave it flexible. Particularly with the Olympics somewhere that isn’t likely to be telecast live, I don’t know if you could look up specific events and manually tell Tivo to record them. We don’t have cable though — if your favorite event is on ESPN2, you’re more likely to have an entire tennis match broadcast on an alternate channel like that.

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