Raisin has a dear, dear friend at preschool.  They met when they were both about 2 1/2, started preschool together at age 3, and are together again this year.  They love each other so much, but…

They are completely wild when they play together.  They get so excited that someone almost always seems to get hurt.  Or, if one of them wants to play with another kid, the other one gets jealous and upset.

It’s gotten to the point that the teacher has to separate them when they do play together.  Or, like today, she has to ask Raisin to “stop and think” when her friend isn’t playing with her and she wants him to. 

I’m not sure how to help Raisin with this.  So far, I’ve tried: telling Raisin that she will not be able to go on a planned outing with this friend if she can’t play nicely with him at school, suggesting that she find other friends who want to play a game with her if this friend is doing something else, and asking her to imagine how her friend and teacher must feel in different scenarios (this seemed to have some impact, but it might be too soon to tell).

Any other ideas?


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2 Responses to Advice?

  1. Erin says:

    Oh, we have one of those, too. They have a love/hate thing where they are BFFs and totally want to play together all the time, but then when they do they end up fighting. I have no idea what kind of advice to give you. Girls are weird.

  2. maren says:

    Sounds like a VERY similar problem we are struggling with. 😉 If you do come up with any solutions, let me know! Tough consequences are probably the only option?!

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