Great Minnesota Get-Together

I think many, if not most, of the readers of this blog already know, but that’s Minnesotan for “State Fair.”  If you needed that explained, you may also need me to clarify that the Minnesota State Fair is an Experience.  And that every Minnesotan has their Way of doing the Fair, and their Way is the Only Right Way.

So, those readers who DIDN’T need the previous paragraph will probably be shocked and/or dismayed to discover that I never try the New Thing On a Stick*.  I don’t get around to it, because once I eat all the *required* items, I am Done.  Full.  My Way requires the following: 1 Pronto Pup with ketchup, 1 lemonade, 1 bag of mini-donuts (I’ll share a few), several Sweet Martha’s cookies, and several bottles of water.  Since the Jellyman’s Way requires fresh home-made fries, I get some of those as a trade for my mini-donut generosity.

The food’s really the big thing, but there are a few other rules:

I don’t do rides.

I love the Miracle of Birth building, where pregnant/newly delivered farm animals show off, well, the Miracle of Birth.  The baby animals are so cute, and it’s always a sure kid-pleaser.  (I can’t believe I’ve never told this story on the blog before, but I can’t find it, so: I hated that building in 2006, when I was 33 weeks pregnant with twins.  I sat outside while Raisin and the Jellyman went inside, because it turns out that the State Fair is not a good idea when one is 2 weeks away from delivering one’s twins, and I was tired.  Unfortunately, not a good place to sit.  Three different guys went out of their way to joke about my status, and to let me know that I could go into the building for help from all the veterinarians and sympathy from their patients.  Oh, well, it’s a funny story now.)

And then I just like wandering.  I like to people-watch, and check out what’s new.

What’s your Way?

*Um, anybody still reading who’s not familiar with this whole State Fair thing?  Every year there’s some new experimental food at the Fair, and it’s usually on a stick.  I know other states have Fairs, but I hear it’s not as big of a deal elsewhere, and perhaps the whole stick phenomenon is not universal?  Or maybe I’m just sheltered, and it’s sweeping the nation?  What do I know?


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3 Responses to Great Minnesota Get-Together

  1. Jackie says:

    There were seven of us, we always went the Tuesday before Labor Day — that was open class dairy judging. We always started out on Machinery Hill — then the Dairy building. Lunch came out of Mom’s Scotch Cooler. It was eaten in the grassy area by parking lot with the roar of the speedway cars and an occasional clod of dirt. Then off to the barns and the hippodrome. A stop at “All the Milk you can drink for a dime” booth and we headed home.

    There are special memories and frights, like the year I lost my little brother — and found him. I don’t think we ever did tell Dad.

    The best year was year I won a 4- trip. Three days living at the fair and an evening at a grandstand show.

  2. Pronto pup. Repeat. Roasted corn. Pronto pup.

  3. Oh, and YAY for pronto pup with ketchup. My husband doesn’t get this is the way it MUST be done. (I’ve slowly been warming to a little mustard – but ketchup only is really still my favorite.)

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