In which I solicit your opinions, because you are smart

1) Without going too much into specifics, I have a question for you, oh wise and beautiful people of the Internet, about my job.

I took this position, always assuming it would be a temporary-ish stop-gap deal to get us through these preschool years.  In the 3 years since I started, conditions in this sector have changed, and it’s making the job harder and harder for me.

Since I never intended to stay long, and since I step up my search for something new a little more each time they tell us some new bad news, and since they always tell us after a decision has already been made, and since there’s very little my immediate manager is able to do to change things (or at least that’s my impression), and very little the levels above her are willing (or possibly able – I don’t really know) to do, I have mostly kept my head down and just tried to do the work.

So, here’s my question.  Is there anything to be gained from confronting my manager more directly?  It might make me feel a little bit better, but I have very little faith that anything more (for my benefit or for the larger organization’s) would come of it.  What would you do?

2) On a much lighter note, Riya is hard at work on her science fair project.  It was all her idea to do one, and she chose the topic herself (SO PROUD).  I’ve tried hard to walk the line in helping her enough but not too much.

The question is this: as a child of the 21st century, she pretty much instinctively understands the Internet as a resource.  I, however, made her start by searching the library catalog and checking out a bunch of books.  Only after she tried that did I do a little tutorial on Internet searches and the reliability thereof.  Was that ridiculous?


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I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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5 Responses to In which I solicit your opinions, because you are smart

  1. aunt marge says:

    if you confront your manager and things do not go well, are u prepared to not have a job, if it comes down to that? I

  2. Grandma Jackie says:

    @ #2 I think you took just the right approach.

  3. Amy F says:

    Not sure what you should do, but you’re not the only one stuck in a part-time, thought-it-would-be-more-temporary job. Mine isn’t getting worse, but with the new baby I really didn’t think I’d have to keep up with the hours I had before, but my husband’s salary hasn’t gone up as expected (darn economy!) so I’m stuck, and I get more and more bitter about it.

  4. Kim says:

    I always feel better after I vent about work things even if there is nothing that can be done (slightly less better if it’s the “not willing” response), but that sort of depends on if you have a manager who is approachable and won’t hold it against you if you disagree with him/her on things.
    I am standing up and clapping about #2. I love the interwebs, but I love libraries more. You are completely un-ridiculous. =)

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