This week’s Red Writing Hood prompt: Is there someone who drives you crazy?  Write a first-person piece – as if YOU are this individual. Write from his or her perspective and include the things that really bother you.

Mom.  I am seven years old.  Seven.  I know, I KNOW, that you hate the eye-rolling.  I get that it bugs you when you say my name five times before I look up from my book.  I actually do understand that you would rather have me eat with the business end of my fork instead of trying to get rice to adhere to the handle.

It is not that easy to be me, ok?  Sitting still at dinner is hard.  Keeping my room clean is hard.  Listening to the teacher boss me all day, and you all night, is HARD.  And then when I try to get things my way, you yell at me!  I mean, did you even see the way Ben was looking at me?  You would’ve pushed him off the couch, too!

What more do you want from me?  You were seven once, right?  When you were seven, did you always agree with everything your mom said?  Did you ever just want to be left alone when she wanted you to set the table? Don’t you remember how adults always seemed to want you to be a kid when you were trying to be your most grown-up self, and then wanted you to act like a grown-up just when you were the most tired or having the most fun?

That’s what I thought.

You’ve seen my eyes after you tell me you don’t like my attitude.  You know how much I still want to make you happy, Mama.  I am trying.


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I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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17 Responses to Seven

  1. Amy says:

    This was an eye opener to me. I have a 6 year old and expect a lot from her. Great take on the prompt!

  2. Kim says:

    This could have been written by my three year old. Well done and a great take on the prompt.

  3. Erica M says:

    My 9-year-old is as annoying as ever, but we love them to death, don’t we. It’s the hormones that keep us from eating them.

  4. Melissa Barrett says:

    That is just great! Sometimes we just need to remember!

  5. Sara says:

    I loved your take on the prompt. It is a good reminder that at seven, it’s hard to live up to expectations.

    What I really about your writing is that you made this simple and short, like a seven-year-old child would. I could almost imagine this being a letter written in a child’s blocky style on a piece of torn paper.

    Well done:~)

  6. Frelle says:

    so much good truth so honestly and forthrightly expressed in exactly the way a 7 year old would present their perspective to you. well done. and thanks for the reminder, too.

  7. Rina says:

    Outstanding! I will keep that in mind when I am “bossing” around the kids in my classroom.

  8. MamaTrack says:

    I love this. I can totally understand why she acts the way she does. And that it’s annoying!

    I liked the way you adopted her voice a lot. That was very effective.

  9. Stacey says:

    It’s hard sometimes to put ourselves in our kids shoes. You did a beautiful job of doing exactly that. You captured her voice wonderfully. Plus it makes me think about how my kids view the world. I should think that way more often. Great post!

  10. Galit Breen says:

    Ugh. You’re killing me here! My daughter just turned 7 and she rocks the eye roll like no other.

    This was such a clever take on the prompt and really did have me seeing it from another perspective; sometimes hard to do as the mom!

    I loved this line: “I mean, did you even see the way Ben was looking at me? You would’ve pushed him off the couch, too!” for the simplicity and honesty. You know they think exactly like that! Well done, lady!!

  11. DAD says:

    One stearn dad look, and my seven year old would cry.
    Love Dad

  12. This was both funny and haertbreaking. I love her explaining to her mom what is hard, and at the same time reminding her mother that she too must have seen the world the same way. Like Galit, one of my favorite lines was the one about pushing Ben off the couch.

    But these last lines really, really pulled my heartstrings, “You’ve seen my eyes after you tell me you don’t like my attitude. You know how much I still want to make you happy, Mama. I am trying.”

  13. Hahahahahaha! This is fantastic. I say to my almost 3 year-old all the time that it is hard to be 3. That I know it’s tough to sit still when your so full of God’s sparkly kid energy. I also tell him that God mad mommy’s to help them learn how to make that energy do good things, instead of bad things. But I just love, love, love this piece of writing.

  14. Rebel chick says:

    Aw! This was really, really sweet.

  15. Nancy C says:

    You bring it back to me. I remember telling my mom, “Being a kid is hard,” and feeling so much hurt.

    It is hard sometimes. Thanks for helping me remember that.

  16. Mandyland says:

    I sometimes think about how frustrating it must be to be a little one and have someone bigger than you boss you around all day. Of course, I still make my kids eat with the business end fo the fork. lol

    This was great. I love the perspective and the insight.

  17. Tirzah says:

    Great writing! I empathize with her & you at the same time.

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