Full-time working life is very run-on-y and sentence-fragment-y (even more so than I always am – yes, it’s possible!), and also I have felt a little reluctant to blog when, if I have time to sit and do that, shouldn’t I really be doing something about those cobwebs?

But right now there’s a load of laundry in both washer and dryer, and although it’s my usual treadmill time, I am giving myself a break today because I miss this place.

The job, so far, is good.  I am getting to know my co-workers, and the work.  I still have a lot to learn, but everyone is patient with me.

I love, love, love working downtown.  Every single day I see something that amuses or amazes me: the maintenance guy singing out loud while he fixed a door at Gaviidae, the people who think they can text in the skyway without getting run over (I especially like it when they try to go down an escalator while they’re texting), the fact that there is now a skyway-level liquor store IN MY BUILDING, so if I ever have one of those days I can just stop by on my way to the bus and get the weekend started.

I am completely overwhelmed on the homefront.  We are getting where we need to go, and everybody is fed and clothed, but I feel desperately, irretrievably behind.  Robin assures me it’s not hopeless, and I am sure he is right because he usually is about such things.  We went out of town last weekend (oh, crap – excuse me while I go write “post Duluth pictures” on my to-do list of doom) and the next several weeks are unusually (I hope) busy.  So, theoretically, the problem is not that we can’t do it, but just that we haven’t had a chance to really try the new normal yet, and eventually my expectations will line up with reality.

If you try to tell me otherwise, I will put my fingers in my ears and sing and also possibly punch you in the gut.

The kids are so wonderful.  While I am whirling around and screeching, they are taking it all in stride, and being their own usual awesome selves.  Ben and Karina are reluctant on Tuesdays and Thursdays to go to the day care center, and it is easy to feel like this whole thing was a really terrible idea when Ben looks up at me with his big eyes all watery.  Then he starts making a tower with the magnet blocks he loves, and I think maybe he isn’t damaged forever.

Riya is just disappointed that we don’t get to the Y Care at her school earlier, because she usually misses art project time.  Karina cries every time Robin comes to pick her and Ben up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  On those days, they go home with a friend from their morning preschool, and they are having so much fun that they don’t want to go home.

The weather website says it might snow in Minnesota this weekend.

Riya will be 7 in 11 days.

And how are you?  (Seriously, leave me a note.  How are you?)


About Grape

I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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4 Responses to Hello.

  1. lastboomerstanding says:

    I’m dizzy now, thank you very much! LOL. Amazing! What’s it like to have it all together? Yes, you may think you don’t, but take it from someone who has literally come apart at the seams if I have to so much as answer the phone and open a desk drawer at the same time. If anything, your kids are learning that they really can do it all! It just takes perseverance. You two are awesome!

  2. Sarah Salo says:

    In response to your question, it’s 8:44a and I’ve already declared the day irreversably crabby and wrong. BUT, knowing there is another person in this universe that has a “to-do list of doom” made me crack a smile…which was an impossibility 15 minutes ago. So you can cross “have positive influence on humanity” off your to-do list. Mission accomplished.

  3. Erica Hicks says:

    Hey girlie, I/we are doing well. I find myself negotiating with a 20 month old about how many books should be read before nap and how many stuffed animals she really needs with her in bed. I guess she is more like me than I realized! My ever expanding belly seems to be in constant motion and I find myself alternating between really wanting this baby to get here so I can meet him/her, and being selfish of the quite routine Cora and I have all afternoon to ourselves. Glad to hear work is going well- your kids do rock! (Like their Mama!) :)E

  4. Jenni Runyan says:

    Hey! Love how you write! 🙂 Things are rough over here medically for me with now a new (And completely unrelated to headaches) diagnosis. New specialist and visits to the doctor on a weekly basis. I am standing firm in my faith for healing in His time, and He’s getting right to work on this one as my specialist told me yesterday- “You are healing! ” If you would keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we are working through this new territory we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, and take care friend! 🙂

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