Important, life-changing updates:

-Our family doctor, who has treated me since before I got married and has taken care of each of our kids since birth, is LEAVING.  She hugged me when we said goodbye today.  I may have blinked back tears.  That is how awesome this woman is.  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO????

-For years, I have been using “dodecahedron” incorrectly.  What I actually meant was “dodecagon.”  So embarrassing.

-I don’t really have anything else.  In fact, you might have noticed that the last thing was a throwaway, too.  So let’s just stop pretending, and focus on the crisis that is the first bullet point.  HALP ME!



About Grape

I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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