Personal Ad

The assignment: Write a personal ad for your character, like one you would find on a dating site… We’re not looking for the ad to be part of a piece – we want it to be THE piece.  And we’d like you to do it in 300 words or less.

I am not just any other girl, and I deserve not just any other guy.

I am attractive: my last boyfriend said I had the BEST pheromones.  Come on over and smell me!

I have a great sense of humor.  For example, I own this t-shirt from Starbucks.  Funny, right!?

I am trendy, but I appreciate the classics.  I know all the words to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.  It’s a rap!

I love to go out, but I am also a great cook.  I throw great dinner parties.  Have you tried Paula Deen’s Krispy Kreme burgers?

Love me, love my ferret.

My number one qualification for a potential mate is sophistication.  Also, you should be tall.


About Grape

I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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6 Responses to Personal Ad

  1. Katie says:

    “Love me, love my ferret.” Brilliant! I loved the distinctiveness of your character’s voice. A unique and compelling individual indeed. I’d be friends with her.

  2. Amanda says:

    she’s so on it.. animated.. knows who she is. love it!

  3. christina says:

    Love me, love my ferret.
    ^ cracked me up. just wasn’t expecting it and it really made the ad! ;D

  4. MamaTrack says:

    I agree–love me, love my ferret was AWESOME. Great job!

  5. I love how she says that about her ferret, and then says she needs sophistication. Funny!

  6. Anastasia says:

    I have no tried Paula Deen’s krispy kreme hamburgers. But now I am going to. I am also all about the sophistication.

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