Kid for a Day

At breakfast this morning, the idea was floated that the grown-ups and kids should switch places for the day.  The suggestion was met with great enthusiasm on both sides.

So, as we finished eating, I said, “OK, so what I usually do now is I load the dishwasher, and then I wash all the dishes that can’t go into the dishwasher.  Then I was going to go downstairs and get the rest of the clothes out of the dryer so I could fold them.”

“Wait, we have to fold all those?”

“If you’re going to be the grown-ups, yeah.”

“We wanted to be the FUN grown-ups!”

“It’s kind of a package deal.  There’s fun stuff, I’m not gonna lie, but it comes with jobs, too.”


And suddenly their “kid” job of clearing the table did not seem so onerous to them.



About Grape

I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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