My entire parenting reputation pretty much rests on this one moment

A couple of months ago, Ben was very excited to find a book he’d heard and enjoyed at school during a family trip to the local library.  Somehow, none of us noticed he’d checked out the Spanish-language version until we got it home, and Great Disappointment ensued (trust me, nobody wants to hear me attempt to read it in Spanish).

On our next trip to the library, we looked again, but couldn’t find it, so we put in a request for it (in English!).  The library robot voice called us to say it was in, but we got busy, and by the time we went to pick it up, our hold had been released.  Great Disappointment #2.

My mom took the kids to the library last week.  Lo and behold, the book was there – as a read-to-me CD packet, no less (Ben can read, but still likes being read to.  The same book, many many many times.  Genius, whoever came up with these CDs.  Complete genius.).  Great Excitement … until they tried to check it out and the computer said it was “The Three Bears.”  My mom took it to the librarian, who said that it couldn’t be checked out because it’d been returned in the wrong case.  Great – nay, Almost Insurmountable Disappointment.  [ARE YOU KIDDING ME, PEOPLE WHO CHECKED THIS OUT BEFORE US?  YOU ARE RUINING THE LIBRARY FOR EVERYBODY WITH YOUR CARELESS WAYS!]

The robovoice just called to say that my mom’s attempt to reserve it for Ben was successful, and that I can go pick it up.  If we fail this time, you can bet this is going on Ben’s blog – just as soon as he has one – as a prime example of everything that was wrong with his childhood.


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I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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1 Response to My entire parenting reputation pretty much rests on this one moment

  1. Kim says:

    How did it go? Libraries are supposed to be magical, dream-fulfilling places, not sad-making!

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