Being My Mom

I think I am turning into my mom, which is pretty awesome.

A few Decembers ago, my family and my brother’s family were all gathering at my mom and dad’s for a Christmas celebration, and my mom got some kind of horrible flu-ish plague.  Did she cancel?  Ohhhh, no.  She kept her distance from us and the food to protect us all from infection, but the show went on.

Today I am home from work with a much-less-severe sore throat and cough situation, and before he left today Robin said, “Just rest today. No work.”

I am sure he meant, “except for changing the water in the fishtank; wiping down the counters in the bathroom; and washing, drying, and folding a couple quick loads of laundry.”

In my defense, I did all that in between drinking juice, watching Scrubs (“Ketchup is for winners, Ted!”), and eating an undisclosable amount of brownies.


About Grape

I've got the world's best kids and husband. Great house, steady job. I'm living the American dream. The trick is to appreciate it. I'm working on that part.
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