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My entire parenting reputation pretty much rests on this one moment

A couple of months ago, Ben was very excited to find a book he’d heard and enjoyed at school during a family trip to the local library.  Somehow, none of us noticed he’d checked out the Spanish-language version until we … Continue reading

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What did I expect them to say?

Yesterday, I was going to write a post about how one of my children came to me with something that should never have had poop on it, and told me that I would need to clean said item because it … Continue reading

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She’s far-sighted. Too bad her mother isn’t.

Riya is getting glasses.  I took her to the eye doctor this afternoon, and after a long and somewhat excruciating experience, the verdict is she’s far-sighted.  (The movie trailer will go like this:  Three tired kids.  One mom.  A room … Continue reading

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